Dual Axis Tracking for Wineries

Our Xirasol Dual Axis Tracking Systems produce more power when you need it - reducing power usage costs in production, storage and distribution of wines and other products.

Dual Axis Solar for Irrigators

Our Xirasol Dual Axis Tracking system is one of the most powerful on the market, producing more energy per KW installed, allowing you to save money and run your pumps longer. Extend your hours and output of solar power when electricity is at its most expensive. In some case go under demand charge thresholds.

Dairy Farmers

Our Xirasol Dual Axis Tracking Systems produce more power when you need it - higher output earlier in the day and later in the evening. Reduced power costs by heating water during the day instead of at night on expensive off peak power.

Large Scale Solar

Sunflower solar is experienced in delivering Large-scale solar (LSS) projects. They are also known as solar farms, which can generate anywhere from hundreds of kilowatts to thousands of megawatts of solar power. As one of the countries with the most sun in the world, Australia is well placed to use Large-scale solar projects as a great energy source.

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"At sunrise, sunflowers face east to greet the first rays, and continue to move with the sun until it sets in the west. 

Overnight, the sunflower head swings back around to face east at dawn"


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