More Energy per kW Installed


Sunflower Solar

With over 30 years of experience in commercial solar sales, Australian owned Sunflower Solar brings comprehensive expertise from the Electronics, Computing, Engineering and Renewable Energy Industries. The result is integrated Solar Power Systems that produce clean and cost-effective energy.



Our design and construction arm of the business, Xirasol, has designed and patented an Australian Made Dual Axis Solar Tracking system made for the harsh Australian climate. With manufacturing in our Wodonga based robotic manufacturing plant, Xirasol designs, manufactures and installs solar farms in shorter times and greater output than overseas products. By producing reliable, cost saving, environmentally friendly solar electric systems, our business now  enjoys a national presence within the commercial and farming sectors. We have become one of the top solar providers in the eastern states, installing over 200,000 panels and 180 tracking systems across 8oo projects.


The Xirasol Advantage

Savings and ROI


If you are going to make an investment in solar power it is important to invest in a system that maximises your Saving and your Return on Investment (ROI). A higher output solar system ensures that you get a reduced payback period or an increased ROI. The Xirasol Dual Axis Solar Tracking system increases the length of time that solar panels directly face the sun, ensuring maximum energy creation.

Australian Manufacturing

Xirasol Dual Axis Solar Tracking Systems are Robotically made and prefabricated in our Wodonga factory with quality Australian steel. Extensive R&D to create our system has resulted in a ground up approach in manufacturing and installation. This has resulted in reduced costs,both in manufacture and installation, giving you a clean and cost effective energy source.


With prefabrication of all components in our Wodonga factory, our patented dual axis tracking components, wiring looms and inverter stands are ready before transporting to site. A 100kW solar system can be installed by 2 of our experienced team within 1 week, ready for electricians. The efficiency of our processes means that the customer gets our latest Dual Axis Tracking System for around the same price as a standard fixed mounted system, but with up to 60% additional power.