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What is Dual Axis Tracking?

Dual-axis tracking allows solar installations to capture the maximum energy by tracking the movement of the sun in all directions. Back tracking at the end of the day allows for maximum output.

Bifacial Solar Panels allow for the capture of reflected light, which is aided by the height of Xirasol’s tracking system. The height of the Dual Axis Solar Tracking system adds the energy gained on the rear side of the Bifacial Solar Panels.

A Bifacial Solar Panelis double sided and transforms sunlight toenergy on both sides of the panel.

Dual-axis trackers generate up to 60% more energy than standard roof or fixed mounts (combination of Dual Axis and bifacial Solar Panels). The extended profile allows for between 8 and 10 hours of full output across 5 months of summer. This allows for a greater net reduction in peak power accounts. Sunflower Solar has the ability to analyse your power accounts with meter interval data to accurately verify savings based on the last year of usage.


Our 100 kw tracking system follows the sun from first light in the morning till the last ray at night, so can really reduce your dependence on power from the grid - Up to 60 % more.

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