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What is Dual Axis Tracking?

Upwards pressure on costs and downward pressure on pricing from supermarkets and consumers is one of the key challenges for Agribusiness. With large areas of available land and high energy costs, implementing commercial solar can be a smart strategy to reduce operating costs and improve cash flow. Often with some suitable infrastructure already in place, vacant land can turn into an ongoing revenue stream or cost reduction mechanism. Commercial solar can improve your business’ bottom line, while enhancing your brand’s reputation with improved sustainability credentials. It’s also possible to implement solar without upfront costs, delivering cash flow positive returns to your business through Xirasol’s Power Purchase Agreement.

Farmers often have significant land available for Ground Mounted Solar Systems compared to other industries that are limited by roof space and Xirasol’s Dual Axis Solar Tracking Technology can maximize the solar panel output and the savings with up to 60% more solar energy produced when compared to a roof or fixed mounted solar system. The ability to use Bifacial Solar panels on Xirasol’s tracking system is an added advantage.


Here are some specific reasons why solar is perfect for Agriculture:

  • Energy savings from solar can provide significant operating cost reductions to improve your bottom line.

  • Most agricultural businesses have loads that are well suited to daytime energy generation from solar.

  • Reduce the impact of future energy price rises by controlling a large portion of your energy costs with solar.

  • Solar can turn vacant or unused land into a revenue generating asset.

  • Solar improves the environmental credentials of your business to make your products more attractive to retailers and consumers.


You can see why adding Xirasol’s Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Tier 1 Bifacial Solar Panels to your winery will increase the length of time your solar panels produce power and increase the maximum output. Maximise your savings by calling Xirasol NOW for a no obligation quote or get a Power Purchase Agreement reducing you power price and no upfront cost.


Our 100 kw tracking system follows the sun from first light in the morning till the last ray at night, so can really reduce your dependence on power from the grid - Up to 60 % more.

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