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Reducing Electricity Costs for Wineries

Wineries and vineyards are well suited for commercial solar systems, with viticulture being one of the fastest growing industries for commercial solar adoption.


Wineries often have significant land available for Ground Mounted Solar Systems compared to other industries that are limited by roof space and Xirasol’s Dual Axis Solar Tracking Technology can maximize the solar panel output and the savings with up to 60% more solar energy produced when compared to a roof mounted solar system. The ability to use Bifacial Solar panels on Xirasol’s tracking system is an added advantage.


With wineries being so connected to the land and the environment, commercial solar can provide a real commitment to sustainability and savings.


Wineries and vineyards can take advantage of solar for the following reasons:


  • Wineries and vineyards often consume significant amounts of electricity in the production, storage and distribution of wine.

  • The majority of electricity usage occurs during daylight hours corresponding with solar generation.

  • With large areas of land available, Ground Mount systems can be installed, which provide improved solar generation and enhance ROI’s.

  • Solar can provide large reductions in operating costs.

  • Gives greater control over energy and mitigates against future price rises.


Electricity is the single biggest cost incurred in winemaking. According to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) electricity demand costs in wineries account for over 40% of total expenditure. The South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA) tells us that refrigeration consumes between 50-70% of the electricity used at a typical winery. 


You can see why adding Xirasol’s Dual Axis Solar Tracking System with Tier 1 Bifacial Solar Panels to your winery will increase the length of time your solar panels produce power and increase the maximum output. Maximise your savings by calling Xirasol NOW for a no obligation quote or get a Power Purchase Agreement reducing you power price and no upfront cost.

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